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In the light of recent events I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my journey from a refugee camp to the United States.  Many people wonder about what it was like to come to America over 14 years ago and get a second chance at life.  In short, my future was rewritten in an instant! But, I would really like to share what I imagined of America and how the realities surprised me.  
    As I say in my book, as a refugee in Kenya, I imagined that America was next to heaven!  America was a place that even the richest and most powerful could not reach - in some sense going to America would have been as impossible as travelling to Mars.  I imagined America to be a utopia.  To me, Africa seemed a continent full of violence and turmoil. After seeing the devastation of war across so many African countries and observing life in the refugee camp, I felt trapped in the fight for survival.  There were moments of joy amidst the pain, but I wanted so badly to go to a place without sin and without violence where there was not reason to be afraid.  In my essay to the U.S. embassy cataloging my life story I remember writing: "I do not feel safe here.  I have nobody to take care of me. I want to have a new life in America."  

But when I arrived in the U.S., speaking essentially no English, I thought that there had been a terrible mistake.  From all of the training I had received in Kenya I was told that I would be joining the workforce to make a living to survive in America on my own.  I expected to be taken to a factory.  But at the airport a family waited for me carrying a sign - "Welcome Home!".  I was taken to what looked like a mansion and I kept looking for the servant's quarters...but instead they gave me my own bedroom, my own soccer ball, and my own bike - I had never had any of these before in my life.  I was dreading the day when they realized that a mistake had been made and that I did not belong here with them.  When I started running Cross Country I felt a lot of pressure to prove to my family that I was worthy of representing them. 
After about 6 weeks when I started feeling comfortable with English my parents took me out on a boat ride on the lake (my Dad was determined that I would learn to love the water since we lived on Otisco Lake). This was the first time I told my story.  This was also when I realized that the Rogers were really my family.  My life in America was not just one of hard work, but also a rediscovery of childhood!  Despite the fact that in many ways I knew nothing about America at the age of 16, I knew that I had been given a most amazing gift.  I belonged in my new family and I belonged to a country.  It didn't change the fact that I wanted to represent family and country with every effort and make them proud.  I still strive to do that everyday!
I give constant thanks to the family who pushed through all challenges to bring me and my 5 adopted brothers to the US. They are a blessing and there is no replacement for the love of family! Even more, I thank the American people for opening up their arms to a refugee. That's why we are a great country - a nation of all people! And that is why we have so much to be proud of. 

I want to share support now and in the future for all of the refugees searching for a new life and a freedom from war!   
To hear more about my story please read Running for My Life.  
Running Tip #15: A healthy body is essential for training. Listen to your body during training and make sure that you promote recovery - healthy food, stretching, and most importantly sleep! 
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       It's been many month's since I have last written so let me catch you up on life since September.  Let's start with the BIG change - getting married!  I know everyone says that you don't remember your wedding day and that it all goes by in a blur, but let me tell you, those moments with our family and my new wife will never get blurred.  Huge shout out to Britt and both of our amazing families for making the day one of the most memorable in my life! 
      But when the bells go quiet, the cake has been eaten (pecan frosting - yum!), and the last dance has played (Angel by Sarah McLachlan) it is something like the feeling you get when you run through the line at the end of an Olympic 5K.  No, seriously!  It's exactly what it feels like!  You have been planning for this moment, training, visualizing it again and again, and then there you are with arms outstretched, taking a big breath and trying to memorize every little thing about it.  When you cross that Olympic finish line you feel the exhaustion, relief, runner's high.  Gosh, I love those feelings! Every bit of it.

      So with the overwhelming happiness that all newlyweds have, we boarded a plane and traveled for 24 hours to Australia.  We both got middle seats 20 meters apart... romantic, right :-/... but I guess we can't complain about free flights from cashing in airline miles.  So, groggily, we stumbled into Sydney.  And it took our breath away!  This city is AWESOME... why can't it be 24 hours closer.  Harbor tour on a 100 year old ship, The King and I at the Sydney Opera house, runs through the botanical gardens, Darling Harbor, Sydney nightlife, afternoon Tea at the Victoria building... I could have explored that city for years! 
          But we kept marching on, and a week later we found ourselves in Adelaide, where Brittany will be assigned late this year.  In the same way we were awed by Sydney's over-the-top sparkle and character, we were awed by Adelaide's down-to-earth living.  We strolled to the Central Market each day to pick up ingredients for Ugali - fresh Kale and wild kangaroo meat (I know, they are so cute, but a man's gotta eat!). We toured the Adelaide Hill's nature reserves and wineries and connected with Aboriginal culture (Brittany picked up some new painting inspiration and I am working on my didgeridoo skills). Can't wait for the exciting new adventures Down Under during my off season!
       But, before I get carried away dreaming about dingos and Tasmanian devils I'm BACK TO THE TRACK!!  After a short but fun indoor season, outdoor starts on Friday at the Mt. SAC Invite.  I am racing the 1500m at 6:39PM and can't wait to be out in the open air, running in the beautiful California sunshine with the Bowerman Track Club.  Next up is Stanford Payton Jordan Invite on Saturday May 2nd.  Time to light it up and set the stage on the way to IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China. Come cheer me on in California!! 

<![CDATA[20 Days Until I am a married man....]]>Fri, 29 Aug 2014 20:23:00 GMThttp://www.lopezlomong.com/lopezs-blog/20-days-until-i-am-a-married-manJust 20 Days away - It's becoming REAL people!  A few weeks ago wedding pews, centerpieces, bow ties, playlists, and party favors were dreamlike imaginings... Now the suits are pressed, hanging in my closet, the plane tickets and hotel rooms are booked, and I know more than I could ever wish to know about the minutia of party planning... napkin folds?! Seriously!? But honestly, I am STOKED!!  Britt has been a champion in planning so much of our special day.  I am doing exactly what a good fiance should do - "Yes Honey, that's exactly what I wanted... couldn't have chosen any better myself ;)"  And the best part is we are in the final stretch --- I am down to my LAST 2 races (Berlin and Rieti) before I stand at the end of that aisle waiting to recite those vows.  Homestretch, right?! Picture
But this wedding is more than just a lovely day spent with friends and family.  For Brittany and I this is a day where we get to celebrate our devotion to one another but ALSO our devotion as a couple to making a difference in the world.  In so many ways our relationship started through running and then flourished through our joint passion for charity.  For us, CHARITY is synonymous with LOVE! We hope that this union is further celebrated by lighting a fire of compassion in those around us! 

Instead of gifts we are asking for our friends and family to memorialize the special day by touching hundreds of lives in East Africa.  We are supporting the Spark a Brighter Future project through World Vision which will provide digital education tools, internet connectivity, and training to students and teachers at schools in Kenya.  More than just providing access to educational resources, this project will empower children to DREAM bigger and CONNECT to a world of possibility.  During my 10 years as a refugee in Kenya I yearned for the opportunity to go to school and pursue my dreams of having a better life.  My friends and I wrote the alphabet in the sand of the refugee camp and dreamed of having a pencil and paper.  My life changed when I got the chance to write my story down and submit it to the US embassy for a chance to build a better future in the US.  With your help Brittany and I want to make sure that every child has the opportunity to write down their stories and pursue their goals in education. Education has changed both of our lives and we hope together we can celebrate our marriage by changing the lives of hundreds of children in East Africa.  
If you want to be part of our special day and help us SHARE THE LOVE with hundreds of children in East Africa, please visit our Wedding Giving Page!  Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts on our special day - I will be dancing down that aisle!

<![CDATA[CLEAN WATER ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!]]>Tue, 26 Aug 2014 03:30:14 GMThttp://www.lopezlomong.com/lopezs-blog/clean-water-ice-bucket-challengeIt's finally happened - Brittany and I have been challenged to the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!  We taking the challenge for CLEAN WATER in South Sudan. Just $50 provides clean water for life for ONE child in South Sudan!  Take the clean water ice bucket challenge and help us save lives!!
Next up is: Alan Webb, Steve Haas, Tom Caracci, Tom Hightower, Rebekah Morreale, Nanami Sunaga, and Katie Ross!!  24 Hours :)  
Donate to our Hood to Coast event or to Team World Vision for South Sudan!
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This is a weekend to remember for so many reasons.  Some moments thrilling, some devastating... this weekend was one of emotion and everyone agrees that this weekend is one that defines the future of track and field.  The weekend started off with a trip to Albuquerque which is almost a homecoming for me as I get to visit Brittany in her hometown and race in front of a crowd of friends and family.  Coming into this weekend, I imagined it would be one that exhibited the greatest American track had to offer and a joyful reunion of athletes and family.  
     I started off with the 3000m.  Over the last few years I have been training to learn how to transition from mid to longer distances and this was another step on that journey.  I had the chance to compete with an incredibly large field (20 athletes all racing on a 200 meter track- unbelievable!!) but unlike most championship races it was an hard, HONEST race. I truly commend my teammate, Andrew Bumbalough (Bumbi), for his couragous racing and putting it all on the line.  Nobody could capture it better than my teammate, Ryan Hill - "Bumbi wanted to go out hard... well [Shoot]... He's our teammate... Let's just do this like a team would do this...". And I am so proud that Bumbi took the race at an honest pace and should be recognized for his hard work and a brave race plan. 
     I finished a somewhat disappointing 4th, as I had hoped to make the team in the 3000m (only top 2 go to World Champs) but I was overwhelmingly proud of the tough racing of my younger teammates. They inspired me to look to the 1500 meters the next day not just as an athlete but as a warrior fighting for the purity and transparency of our sport.

Most would think that track is the purest of sports and usually it is - a start line and the finishing tape... only sweat and blood in between.  But this weekend left many confused and wounded in the track community.  Thankfully it seems now that some justice has been restored to the women's 3000m race and we are sending our strongest team to represent Team USA at World Champions. I am a Nike athlete and I am proud of my company for enforcing transparency in our sport.  My teammates and fellow athletes are dedicated to stand up for good sportsmanship and this sport that we all love. Together with Nike and USATF we are fighting to preserve track and field as the purest of sports and the greatest show of athleticism. What happened this weekend is not what Nike or USATF represents...
     I grew up in Africa where I fought daily with corruption.  For ten years I struggled to survive in a refugee camp in Kenya, eating rubbish, and learning to work with together with friends to make it through the good times and the bad.  We ran to keep our minds away from depression and hunger - it was our salvation.  To have the opportunity to run full of joy and represent the greatest nation on earth has been a blessing in every way.  Every time a tie up my shoes and run on the beautiful trails in Portland I am reminded of the blessing of second chances and redemption. So, this weekend when I laced up my spikes and stepped onto the track for the 1500 meters I ran with only joy and for the virtue of the sport. I expected a tough race and respected the talent of all of my competitors - whatever the outcome of I would have been happy.  When I broke the tape at the finish line I was realized why I do this sport - to wear the jersey of a country that good and honest and inspire a young generation to fill our shoes and be good roles models.  Hard work pays.  
    Thank you for all of the friends and fans who have shown support for what I represent on the track. Keep in tune for the indoor World Championships in Sopot, Poland, from 7 - 9 March 2014 and send up your cheers for Team USA!!  GO USA!!  Let's continue making history!!

<![CDATA[New Beginnings]]>Fri, 10 Jan 2014 04:28:49 GMThttp://www.lopezlomong.com/lopezs-blog/new-beginningsPicture5th Ave Dash to the Finish Line in NYC
As we stand on the starting line of a New Year it is a perfect time to share the excitement of many new beginnings.  First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR family, friends, fans!  I just landed in Colorado Springs and got my room at the Olympic training center and am staring down the beginning of the 2014 season with anticipation.  On my first run today I savored the crisp mountain air and the sweet smell of ponderosa - oh how I have missed you, Colorado! The season will start with races in Colorado Springs and Albuquerque before I head to Boston for my first major race.  The main event of the season will be the USA Championships (Feb 21-23) in Albuquerque and then the Indoor World Championships in Poland (7-9 March). 
     And since I am in Colorado, I guess there is no better place to announce another new beginning that will make 2014 one of the most memorable years of my life.  After 6 years, I will finally get to marry my best friend, Brittany.  Six years ago when we met in the indoor track at the Air Force Academy, I knew Brittany was a special woman, but I never realized what a fullness and strength she would bring to my life.  I am so proud of Brittany's success in her Air Force career and her service to the country that gave me a new life.  I am so proud that I get to support my best friend as she changes the world everyday. I know we will face many challenges and adventures throughout our lives, but we will face them together praying to God that he will lead us on many amazing journeys!

And finally, in the spirit of New Beginnings, I am thrilled to to enter the third year of the Lopez Lomong Foundation and 4 South Sudan. Over the past 2 years we have raised over $750,000.00 for water projects in South Sudan. Last year we held the 1st Annual Hood to Coast 4 South Sudan Relay!  Can't wait for H2C Part 2. This year marks the beginning of the education campaign for 4 South Sudan! 
Lopez's New Year Resolution Raise $500,000.00 for education in South Sudan through 4 South Sudan and World Vision.
Brittany's New Year Resolution: Write a letter or an email to a friend each week to let them know how much they mean to me. 
As many know, this December was a rough time for South Sudan, with the outbreak of politically charged ethnic violence.  As always, women and children were caught in the middle of the strife of a young country that yearns for stability and peace.  While the solutions to the ethnic conflicts that crippled South Sudan are challenging to pinpoint, 4 South Sudan and World Vision are even more committed to fighting for a bright future for the new generation in South Sudan.  My birth country is one of so much beauty and diversity.  Despite the political and ethnic challenges of a young country it is important to hear the voices of people who dream each day for a world without violence.  I believe even more strongly that education is the key to allowing young people to have the tools to change their country. Thank you to World Vision and my other partners for helping me have a huge impact on South Sudan. Most of all, thank you so much to everyone for all of the support and encouragement over the last few years as we have made this dream a reality!  

Running Tip #14: Doing a workout is like keeping a New Year's Resolution - the longer you wait to strap on the sneakers and hit the trails, the more tempting it is to skip a day or cheat just this once!  Ditch the temptation by making time in your morning to get your workout in.  I promise - waking up 45 minutes early to get a run done in the morning will keep you on track to make good habits in 2014!
<![CDATA[Outdoor Opener - Come cheer me on in San Diego on Cinco de Mayo!]]>Thu, 02 May 2013 04:56:23 GMThttp://www.lopezlomong.com/lopezs-blog/outdoor-opener-come-cheer-me-on-in-san-diego-on-cinco-de-mayoPicture
        After a month of very hard work in Mammoth Lakes, CA, we have finally reached that critical moment - the start of outdoor track season!!! I am so sorry about missing a few weeks of blog posts - between the tough track workouts from Coach Schumacher, the killer core from Pascal, and the endless time in recovery, it seems like just a blink of an eye since I arrived here exactly 1 month ago. Training at high altitude has been great but the best part of training camp is the chance to train with the worlds best distance runners. Just wanted to give a shout out to all of my teammates who have been pushing me through all the tough workouts - you guys are amazing! 
       But now it is finally time to give up the mountain roads, the trainers, and the serenity of nature for a blazing fast oval, a new set of track spikes, and the roar of the crowds!  I will be opening up this weekend at the Re:Run race in San Diego, CA.  I will be running the 800m on Sunday May 5th starting at 11am in Balboa Stadium. If you are a Californian it would be amazing if you would be in the stands cheering me on as I hark back to my roots in the 800m.  The cool thing about this race is that if you want to be part of the fun, you can also run a 5k in Balboa park in the morning (starting at 730am) that finishes at the Stadium and then cheer us on starting at 11am!  (www.rerunsandiego.com)

Running Tip #8: Racing is part physical and part mental strength.  The mental strength is key to performance. Rid yourself of any negative thoughts and watch your performances soar!

P.S. Happy Birthday Brittany!!  :)
This marks the start of the 2013 outdoor season and a chance to chase after new personal records and the dream of bringing a medal back to the U.S. from World Championships in Moscow, Russia this summer. I am so blessed to be healthy and able to train at my peak. Thank you for your cheers on the track and for supporting me in the work that means the most to me - changing lives in South Sudan! I am ready to charge into the 2013 outdoor season and change the world one race at a time... LET'S GO!
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Since I have started this blog I have been talking a lot about training, racing, working hard.  But today we are going to do something different - it's a cross training day!  In honor of a 2 week cross training period since the end of my last indoor season race in NY, I wanted to do something different for fun.  I have been really enjoying my break and have had the chance to make a bunch of new friends in Dayton, Ohio as I have been here supporting Brittany in her training. Today I am going to answer 10 random questions just so you can get to know me a little better... so here we go!  

1. Favorite color?
- My favorite color is blue.  It was the color of both NAU and Air Force so very close to my heart in many ways.

2. Dream car?
- Solid Black 2013 Camero with White Stripes... everyone can dream, right?  :)

3. What was the best advice your dad ever gave you?
- Stay focused and be hungry for something greater.

4. What is your favorite place you have ever traveled but would not live?
- Monte Carlo.  I love running track races in Monoco but it is an incredibly expensive place to live.  It is fun to be there just for a day or two.

5. Are you a morning person?
- Heck no :)  I only wake up early if I absolutely have to - catching a flight, going to an early workout, or drug testing with USADA.

6. What are your favorite toppings on a pizza?
- Spinach, goat cheese, tomatoes, and chicken... Pizza is still my favorite food!

7. What job did you want to do when you were young?
- When I was little, I wanted to be a farmer just like my dad in South Sudan.

8. What is your favorite workout?
- 1200 meter repeats on the outdoor track.  I really like the mental and physical challenge.  My teammates and I usually try to make a game out of it as well... competing to run EXACTLY the perfect split time down to a 10th of a second.

9. What job outside of your career field would be the most fun to do?
- I would like to be in government.  I would love to start on the local level as a community organizer.  I really enjoy doing work with my non-profit and would love to be able to do that type of work in civil service as well.  Who knows what the future might hold!

10. If you could have a drink with someone in history who would it be? 
Nelson Mandela.  The greatest African leader and change agent.  I would love to talk to him about how to change the political mindset in Africa especially in a young country like South Sudan.  It was an incredible feat to make politicians understand that the country is about all of its citizens and not the few at the top.

I love hearing from you and if you have any other questions or topics you would like me to talk about please send me a message or make a comment on my blog.  Thanks for everyone's congratulations on the American Record last week and for all of the kind words about how Running for My Life is touching your life.   
Running Tip #7: Cross training is one of the most important aspects of recovery.  If even you feel great in training it is a good idea to take a cross training day periodically to let your body rebuild.  It's also fun to play around with other types of training that you are not used to - go for a swim, a bike ride, or go dancing!
<![CDATA[NEW AMERICAN RECORD!!]]>Sat, 02 Mar 2013 03:02:16 GMThttp://www.lopezlomong.com/lopezs-blog/new-american-recordPicture
American Record.  I don't think words can capture all of the feelings I have right now.  It is joy, fulfillment, and gratitude.  I cannot believe that just 12 years ago I only dreamed of this country...  
         Tonight's race in Armory was one of the greatest races of my life.  It was a wonderful meeting of America's greatest distance runners and an amazing opportunity to chase after the World Championship Qualifying time of 13:15.  But we didn't want to just stop there.  When our second rabbit dropped out at 3000m I felt great and could taste the American record so close... we were perfectly on pace.  I took the lead shortly after and started driving home.  Through all of the pain and the struggle around the track I knew that this was a gift I really wanted to give back to my family and the American people who have supported me through this whole journey.  And there was no better place to do this than in my Home state of New York!!  With 3 laps to go I had to hit 31 seconds per lap or faster to break the record and thanks to the amazing crowds and support I came through the finish at 13.06.99!! A new PR by 5 seconds and a New American Record! 
         I want to say thank you to all of the amazing people who made this possible.  First off, thank you to my coach and teammates who have put in all this hard work with me and were incredible competitors tonight. They drove me to these great achievements. Secondly, thank you to the Armory and NYRR for supporting us to come to New York to compete at this fantastic venue. Thirdly, thank you to the fans at the Armory and around the world who cheered me the whole way and were here to witness records broken tonight! Finally, thank you to my family who made this all possible and gave me a second chance in life so that I could line up on the starting line today and chase after dreams that were never possible before 2001.  This American Record is dedicated to all of you! 
       Now time for a little celebration and down time :)

<![CDATA[Empowering to Change]]>Sat, 23 Feb 2013 22:36:34 GMThttp://www.lopezlomong.com/lopezs-blog/empowering-to-changePicture
I received a question in my email last week asking if I could write a blog about the impacts that the Foundation is having in South Sudan.  I am so happy you asked and I am glad to get the opportunity to write about the impacts that we are making together for thousands in South Sudan.  Most of you probably already know the 4 areas of focus for 4 South Sudan - Clean Water, Education, Health Care, and Nutrition. For more information about these 4 target areas please visit my page about the Lopez Lomong Foundation.  Instead in this blog I am going to talk about more personal experiences and the needs that we aim to address with the work of the Foundation.
My foundation is in collaboration with many partners including World Vision and Alarm.  The main reason for this is that we want to ensure that the most money possible goes directly to the projects in South Sudan without duplicating infrastructure or wasting money on recruiting trusted workers.  For example, World Vision has 800 staff in South Sudan and works on a daily basis in the country.  They have crafted relationships with local contractors who do great work at a fair price.  We link right in to that great infrastructural strength! 

As many know, over this last year we have raised over $250,000 for water projects in South Sudan!  That will touch thousands and thousands of lives by providing clean water through a variety of methods - pipeline systems, rock catchments, borehole wells, irrigation canals, and PUR packets in emergency situations. But this is not just about providing clean water!  We are simultaneously educating about sanitation, hygiene, and practices to promote better health.  Clean water cuts childhood mortality rate in half, allows children to attend school instead of walking miles to fetch water, allows women to care for their families, decreases disease, and allows the opportunity for thriving crop and agriculture.  In a few words, we are empowering people to live healthier, longer lives. 
I walked for miles with this young girl to fetching water for the people in our village. 
My younger sister and I in Kimotong Village
Maternal Health and Empowering Women - Another key focus of mine is providing opportunity and empowerment to women so that they can change the community.  Some who read my book, Running for my Life, know that I was devastated a few years ago to hear that my sister was raped while she was collecting firewood and as a result became pregnant.  Since then she has had a beautiful baby girl. I have personally been supporting my sister and her daughter for the last few years so that she could receive proper prenatal care and then childhood healthcare. But I realize that I need to be able to provide this support to every mother and child in South Sudan.  That is where the foundation comes in!  The unfortunate events in my own family have made me determined that the foundation should focus a good part of its efforts on empowering women and providing maternal health care.  There is a huge void in maternal health care in East Africa and as a result millions of women are suffering. At the same time, women are not given the same opportunity for education and skill development meaning that half of the population's talents are underutilized.  Imagine if all of the sudden the workforce doubled!  And not only that, but in many cases women add a creative, family-focused, and practical perspective to community and nation building.  More than anything that is what South Sudan needs!
      So to start achieving this goal we are building a church and community center in Kimotong, South Sudan that will have a vocational training center.  I know that in addition to the primary school in Kimotong providing education for the youth, we need to engage and empower the adult women by teaching them skills and trades that will allow them to support their families and change their communities.  We have taken time with the project to do grassroots study to understand what the community in Kimotong wants and how best to deliver these needs.  The cost of this project will be somewhere between $250,000 and $350,000 largely dependent on the procurement of building materials and transportation.  We are also very adamant that the community will provide a large number of workers in the building crew so that they take ownership of the project and also learn basic building and construction skills along the way.  With the support of ALARM we are going to complete this project this year and are so excited to see the positive effects it will have on the Eastern Equatorial State of South Sudan. 

      To learn more about why I do this work and why it means so much to me, please read my book, Running for my Life.  Also, please explore more about the Lopez Lomong Foundation and 4 South Sudan!
Running Tip #6: Nourish your body. Make sure you consume healthy foods within 30 minutes of completing your workout.  This will dramatically improve your recovery and speed up development of lean muscle.